Flat rate UK postage from just £1.50
Flat rate UK postage from just £1.50
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Where are your labels manufactured?
Our woven labels are designed in house and manufactured in the UK, not only supporting UK industry but reducing air miles too!

Why are some labels more heavyweight than others?
This is down to the number threads woven and the colours used. The more colours, the more thread, the heavier weight the label. White labels have extra layers of thread in them to keep them white, so these tend to be heavier too.

Why are not all of my labels identical?
Because of the nature of production, the woven labels are a 'moving material' (a bit like normal fabric), and as such there is a tolerance of up to 2.5mm in positioning of the design. This may mean that the design may not be exactly the same on every label, although we do try and ensure that this is minimal. This may also affect the folds (which have the same tolerance), although this is lost in the seam allowance.

What’s the best way to care for my labels?
The labels are designed for repeat washing, and I have even tested washing them at 60c and they were fine. Not that you’ll probably want to wash your lovely handmade projects at 60c! As the threads are woven from polyester, you should not apply direct hot heat. If you need iron them we’d recommend a cool iron or ironing on the outside of the garment so no direct heat is applied.

Are the PDF downloads available in US Letter size?
This is something that’s been considered - let us know if it’s something you’d like and if there’s enough demand, we’ll do it!

How do I use a .zip file?
Your computer should automatically uncompress this folder where you’ll find your PDF downloads. If you have any trouble accessing them, let me know.

Do you have any more products coming?
It’s a small start test the water, but yes, new products are in the pipeline. If there’s anything you’d like to see let me know your thoughts hello@thisisformakers.co.uk.