Flat rate UK postage from just £1.50
Flat rate UK postage from just £1.50
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Seconds Are Here

Seconds are here and I'm giving them away with selected orders.

The quality of the labels you receive is really important - it's why I hand check every label I sell. Some don't make the cut currently they go in to landfill which really bothers me. So I'm making some changes. I'll be giving them away so you can make use of them, along with some labels which aren't seconds quality, but which were manufactured incorrectly (they're fine, just not what I wanted).

From now on, when you buy 2 or more packs of labels you'll get 1 pack of 8 seconds labels for free. No code needed, they'll just be included with your order automatically. There won't be any fancy packaging, and I won't be sorting through them so it'll be pot luck as to what you get (it's why I'm including 8 instead of the usual 6).